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mt clearSound

mobile call clarity, made personal to you

How it works

A simple hearing assessment links this website to your mobile phone to measure how you hear different sounds.

This process creates your personal hearing profile.

Listen to the difference between a standard sound and an enhanced hearing experience tailored to your hearing profile. Choose your preferred profile.

MT clearSound is a new mobile phone experience from Manx Telecom. It enhances the clarity and quality of mobile calls for people with varying levels of hearing ability.

This innovation in mobile phone call technology links your personal hearing profile to your mobile phone for a crisper, clearer hearing experience. It is available to Manx Telecom PayMonthly customers at no additional cost.

To register and create your profile you'll need the mobile phone you use to make and receive calls. If you are looking at this website on your mobile phone, instead please use a laptop, tablet or PC.

If you are not an MT PayMonthly customer and want to use MT clearSound, please visit our shop in Strand Street, Douglas, or call 01624 624624.